Research Groups

Nine groups from five different universities in northern Germany are forming this research unit: scientists from physics, materials sciences and chemistry combining experimental as theoretical expertise.


Sub project

Head of the Group



SP1 - Gas phase catalytic application of nanoporous gold


Prof. Marcus Bäumer

University of Bremen

SP2 - Liquid phase catalytic application of nanoporous gold



Prof. Anne Staubitz

University of Bremen

SP3 - Dealloying and impact of mechanics for catalysis



Prof. Jörg Weissmüller

University of Hamburg

SP4 - Electrocatalysis and transport in nanoporous gold



Prof. Gunther Wittstock

University of Oldenburg

SP5 - Atomistic insight into the properties of nanoporous gold using single crystalline model surfaces



Prof. Thomas Risse

University of Berlin

SP6 - Composition and Structure of nanoporous gold dealloyed from AuAg and AuCu



Prof. Andreas Rosenauer

University of Bremen

SP7 - Electronic structure calculations of oxidation reactions on nanoporous gold



Prof. Thorsten Klüner

University of Oldenburg

SP8 - Computational modelling of reaction-induced evolution of nanoporous gold



Prof. Lyudmila Moskaleva

University of the Free State South Africa

SP9 - Porous Au-rich nanoparticles for catalytic applications



Prof. Mehtap Özaslan

University of Braunschweig