DFG-Research Group - Nagocat

Nanoporous Gold - A prototype for a rational catalyst design

Increasing demands in green and sustainable production of chemicals and energy require new approaches, materials and technologies in catalysis, energy storage, and energy harvesting Nanoporous gold is the prime example of the fascinating class of mesoporous bulk-metals with many promising perspectives in the mentioned applications.  This research unit brings together groups from chemistry, physics, and materials science to develop this material as a prototype for a rational design of catalysts. This group, in particular, studies the interplay between composition and structural parameters and the catalytic properties of npAu.

Research Groups & Sub Projects

The research unit comprises nine groups from five universities in Northern Germany contributing expertise from physics, material science and chemistry. The joint research programme combines experimental and theoretical approaches.


The Interregio Research Unit FOR 2213 is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. After a positive evaluation in November 2017, the Research Unit is currently in its second funding period.